Ensure Your Good Health With Oral Cancer Checks

At Gumucio Dental in Belle Glade, we are pleased to offer oral cancer checks to ensure the health and safety of our patients. Oral cancer is a serious disease that can metastasize to other organs in the body if left untreated.

What Do Oral Cancer Checks Usually Involve?

During an oral cancer check, we thoroughly examine the soft tissues of the mouth and throat. This includes looking at signs of abnormal tissue growth, such as red or white patches in the mouth, checking for lumps or bumps that might be present on the gums, tongue, or lips, and assessing any existing ulcerations in the throat, lips, and mouth. We will also ask questions about your medical history and any family history of oral cancer to ensure we have a complete overview of your health.

The process is painless and usually takes only a few minutes. Our dental professionals are experienced in performing these checks and complete them with utmost care and respect for our patient’s privacy.

What Are The Benefits Of An Oral Cancer Check?

The most crucial benefit of undergoing an oral cancer check is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mouth is healthy and free from oral cancer. Early detection of oral cancer can mean the difference between life and death. It also helps identify potential problems in the earliest stages, so they can be treated before becoming more serious.

How Often Should You Get An Oral Cancer Check?

Oral cancer checks should be performed at least once a year. However, if you are at an increased risk for oral cancer due to family history or lifestyle factors such as smoking, then it is recommended that you come in for more frequent check-ups.

Who Should Consider Undergoing An Oral Cancer Check?

Anyone can benefit from an oral cancer check as it helps identify potential issues early and prevent more serious consequences. Patients at a higher risk of the disease, such as a family history of cancer, have had the HPV virus, or are heavy smokers, should be assessed more often.

For a comprehensive and professional oral cancer check, contact Gumucio Dental today! Our experienced dental professionals are ready to answer any questions you may have and help ensure the health of your mouth, throat, and overall well-being!


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  • Avoid undergoing more serious treatments
  • Detect oral cancer before it spreads
  • Increase the likelihood of successful treatment
  • Have more time to formulate a treatment plan
  • Have peace of mind that you're free of cancer!

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